Does Anyone Know Any Good Non Prescribed Acne Tablets?!

Question: Does Anyone Know Any Good Non Prescribed Acne Tablets?
I get outbreaks of Acne on my chin/mouth area every so often-it clears up then outbreaks again-Ive tried nearly every facewash there is-I still get outbreaks- I eat healthy enough- I think its time for a new approach to my Acne problem-Does Anyone Know Any Good Non Prescribed Acne Tablets I can buy over the counter at the chemist that are effective in stopping outbreaks?


Oooooh I love this question! Unfortunately I have no idea there was even such thing as acne tablets. Try some Noxema, or that proactive stuff on tv. I heard it works. Also there are a bunch of websites you can go to find your exact acne skin type and what stuff to use.

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