Any ideas whats wrong with me? Flu+hallucinations.?!

Question: Any ideas whats wrong with me? Flu+hallucinations.?
hi, i've currently got the worse flu of my life, i have barely been able to lift myself out of bed for 4 days. last night was by far the worse, i was barely able to breath due to mucus filled nostrils and trachea. however, what has made me quite worried is that somehow i was no longer aware of my illness, the only reason i was not able to breath was because there were four snakes climbing all over my face, strangling me and covering my nose/mouth, obviously there was no snakes there in reality so this was not a very good experience. does anyone have any ideas whats up? also, im going to the doctors tomorrow (which i know i shouldve done today) but any help right now would be great! thanks.


may be ur brain doesnt get enough oxygen supply. Electrolyte imbalances etc can also cause hallucntions. But less likely. Do update after the doctor.
Get well soon.

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