Which Vaccines give passive immunity to baby?!

Question: Which Vaccines give passive immunity to baby?
Which vaccines provide passive immunity to an infant of those that are given during pregnancy or to mom before pregnancy and already part of moms immune system? Also, how long are they effective between boosters so they are strong enough to give passive immunity to baby? Tetanus is supposed to give some passive immunity but it comes as a 3 in 1 with diphtheria and pertussis. Do the other two vaccines in this combo shot also give baby some protection from moms immune system? I know those in close contact with baby being vaccinated obviously brings some protection but I'm interested to learn if baby's immune system received any benefits from vaccines before or during pregnancy. I am breastfeeding as well to help strengthen baby's immune system however, I don't believe this transfers any passive immunity from vaccines. Those of you who know, please fill me in on which vaccines from mom to baby provide immunity to baby if at all and for how long? Thanks!



Passive immunity is the transfer of already made antibodies from one human to another, most commonly from a mammalian mother to offspring via breast milk.

Vaccines are models of viruses given to a creature's immune system to learn and train to develop antibodies on its own.

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