i have/had hpv 6 and 11?!

Question: I have/had hpv 6 and 11?
ok so i was diagnosed as having this virus after having sex with somebody when i was 15 i got warts quite badly on the lips of my vagina and anus all of these were removed i continued to have a relationship with the same person for 7 yrs and we had children , i got warts again on my anus when i was 19 which i sought medical advice for it is one cluster of the cauliflower warts there was also a raised pink lump on my lip which is also still there i don't have any other visible warts and the warts i have have not grown or changed in anyway me and that partner split up i then met and married my ex husband we also had 2 children and regular unprotected sex i did make him aware of my virus he has never had any visible warts lumps discoloration of any kind we however have now split up and i have met someone new i intend to go to the doctor and have the warts removed simply because there ugly , i recently read some were that if there is no new growth of visible warts in this hpv type then the virus can lay dormant after 2 yrs , is this true ??? i am aware that you can have "secret warts " which you cannot see with the naked eye but i dont want to tell this new guy if theres a chance my virus is dormant thanks i am going to the doctor tomorrow for advise and to see about having the warts removed from my anus i kind off feel like a leper or something right now


You have a moral obligation to tell anyone you sleep with, even if it is dormant. That is a very personal decision that you should not make for someone else. He needs to be able to decide for himself if he wants to risk getting HPV from you. You can not make that choice for him. Talking to your doctor sounds like a great idea.

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