Does Proactiv work as well as prescribed acne medications?!

Question: Does Proactiv work as well as prescribed acne medications?
I have pretty bad acne all over my face- including my cheeks,chin,forhead,and really bad blackheads on/around my nose. I go to a dermatologist and he prescribed me Tazorac... it works pretty good but I feel like I need something more to really get rid of my acne. If Proactiv worked for you, or if you can compare Proactiv to a prescription medicne, please tell me! And if you have any tips or suggestions I am open! thanks in advance.


No. Proactiv is godawful and nothing but a scam. It's kind of confusing how Proactiv works. For some, it does absolutely nothing. For others, it makes acne WORSE. And for the rest of the people, it DOES work, it does clear up acne, but only for a certain period of time, around 3 months and once your skin is entirely used to the chemicals, your skin rebels and becomes a million times worse than how it originally started out.

I used proactiv on two different occasions. The first time I used it, my doctor actually told me not to get it. Said it was a scam. Of course I didn't listen, and I got it and i saw great results in less than a week. My blackheads had vanished, and I was thrilled. After one week, my face errupted in a HUGE rash. It extended from my cheeks, all the way down my neck. It was raised, bumpy, itchy as all hell, and SO red. I looked ridiculous and make up wouldn't even hide how bad I looked. I stopped immediately.

I tried it again a couple years later. I learned that the rash was a reaction to the excessive chemicals, so I tried using it at a lower dosage. this time it didn't clear anything up. It made my skin worse. I broke out in cystic acne all over my face. Since it says that your acne will get worse before it clears up, I kept using it. My skin never cleared up after two months of use. My skin got super oily, full of cysts, and I finally just tossed it in the trash. Once I stopped it got even WORSE. A co-worker actually came up to me and asked what was wrong with my face. And I said, "what do you mean?" and she said, you're broken out everywhere I've never seen your face so bad.

I wound up with pock mark scars, hyper pigmentation, and it literally took MONTHS to wean my skin off of the chemicals in Proactiv. It was an absolute nightmare and I would never recommend this garbage to anyone.

I've tried a lot of acne medication. Prescription stuff, OTC stuff, and the best treatment I've found, and what my dermatologist told me to use, was plain ol' Dove soap. The white beauty bar. I haven't had ONE break out in months. Not during my period, not during warm weather, not during cold weather. Blackheads, clogged pores and cysts? I haven't seen one in months.

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