Can I get cancer if I've had 7 chest X-rays in one year?!

Question: Can I get cancer if I've had 7 chest X-rays in one year?
I have had that many because I use to go the ER often but now I don't because Thank God and my doctors I feel better but I just realize I've had alot of them done in less than a year, 7 in total!..I looked at my medical records that I've been keeping track of them and I'm shock and concern.
* Is that too much radition?
*What could be a sign that I'm developing cancer from too much x-ray radiation?
I use to go to the ER due to chest discomfort I had and my results always came back normal EKG, Blood test and Chest X-rays. My doctor says is my asthma acting up.............I'M DEFINATELY NOT GONNA HAVE ANOTHER CHEST X-RAY DONE AGAIN IN A WHILE... I think I'd had enough for 2 years!


a chest x-ray even 7,will not give you cancer. signs vary depending on the type of cancer. if you are really concerned speak to your doctor about it

cancer patient

Any damage that has been done may take decades to show up. I think you get more radiation flying in a plane than a chest x-ray, air crews would be having all kinds of symptoms if there was a problem.

Cancer does not work this way.

Your about as likely to get cancer as if you worked out in the sun for 7 hours.

could be... Better safe then sorry

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