Worried about my body.?!

Question: Worried about my body.?
Last summer I was doing jumping jacks and felt a pain on my left lower quadrant. In other words near pelvis? Anyways It was quick and sharp and lasted for a few days especially when I jumped again.
It was gone now suddenly I have the pain again its been around for 6 days now. It hurts when I lay down and first wake up. There is a small isolated area where it is tender when pushed on,and in general I have muscle aches around back and low abs. There can be cramping in my pelvis as well. It feels harder on that side than the other. I have been having appetite and food problems to. I start loosing my appetite a few months ago. I still force myself to eat anyways,but my stomach hurts when I eat. Later when its digesting I get cramps and intestinal pain. This is not an everyday thing but these are all the symptoms I have noticed.
Any ideas? I am scheduling a appointment for early this week but I want something to look up in chase is the doctors can't figure it out immediately.

Also what are symptoms of a hernia?


With the vague, non-specific symptoms you report, the list of possibilities are endless.
You must start with a complete medical history and a thorough medical examination
by your general medical primary care physician.
Nothing you report sounds like a malignancy.
This is the cancer section of YA.
I am a cancer specialist doctor.
We don't even know your age.
If you are under age 20, the chances for any of the many types of cancer
causing these symptoms would be very small.

MD hematologist and medical oncologist - cancer and leukemia specialist physician for 20 years

kidney problems from diabetes? Avoid sugar. get the a1c test.

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