why do I get white spots on my arms?!

Question: Why do I get white spots on my arms?
For the last 6 years I have suffered from white spots all over my arms and even going up to my neck and face. This usually only happens when I'm cold, which living in england is most of the time! I lived in Oz and Asia for 3 years and had no problems except for in extremely cold air conditioned rooms or shops. I've asked lots of different doctors and have never got a straight answer. One told me that I was allergic to the cold so I should wear a jumper when feeling chilly! In Thailand a pharmacist told me a cream i should buy but I thought she was just trying to get some money from me. My dad keeps telling me he had the same problem and went to a witch doctor who gave him some magic cream while in Africa but he's blatantly taking the p**s. It is very very noticeable and I do get very paranoid about it in public

Can anybody help me????


sounds like it may be tinea versicolor. i have the same problem. its not to serious and some what easily curable. its a over growth of yeast on the top layer of dead skin. everyone has this yeast on there skin but it only overgrows on some people. maybe google tinea versicolor and see if this is what you have and find out some treatments for it. doctors can prescribe u diffrent medicine for it. i know some people use selsun blue cause its so cheap and it has selenium sulfide.

Because your turning into a reverse dalmation.

Same thing happened to my exchange student.

your doomed

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