What's Wrong with me ?!

Question: What's Wrong with me ?
I have been throwing up a lot lately . I'm not bullimec , nor am I anorexic . I have 'episodes' every month and I'm not pregnant so it can't be morning sickness . It hurts when i get rid of waste in the front part of my body . Every girl in my family on my mom's side has had GallStones . They have been running a bunch of tests on me to see what's wrong and they are about to do a test for my GallBladder . I get a lot of HeadAches , StomachAches , and it's not my period . My dad has Chrones Disease and they are debating on if it is Chrones or my GallBladder . Can you help ?


Throwing up is a sign of infection or blockage. Since it hurts when you pee, you may have a urinary tract infection....but I'm sure they checked for that. Gallstones usually hurt on your right side, up under your ribs and sometimes radiating to your back. Crohns disease should be checked too, since one tends to have cramps/pain at and below the belly button, and one may throw up a lot. I'm sure they're checking what they can...hard to be ill and not know what it is!! Be sure they did a urine test, too, and drink lots of water to keep your system flushed out. See if they can give you something for nausea...Compazine or Ondestron (Zofran) while you wait for test results.

26 years as an RN

if you continue to throw up, it might be chrones or gallbladder. But I'm pretty sure it's just food poisoning or an upset in your body. Wait around 3-4 days before you jump to any conclusions. If you continue to throw up for a week, you gotta go see the doctor cuz then it's something serious.

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