My sister is 6 years old and she was diagnosed with diabetes yesterday.?!

Question: My sister is 6 years old and she was diagnosed with diabetes yesterday.?
She's at the hospital right now and she's not coming back till tuesday. The doctors say it's really bad and she has the worst diabetes where she can either go into diabetic shock or into a diabetic coma. The doctor first noticed that she had very dry hands and they would not heal. And she's been going to the bathroom A LOT like every 30 minutes. And she's been getting a lot of headaces, sleeping a lot, losing a lot of weight, and her vision has become blurry. These are all signs of diabetes. Every day for the rest of her life she has to prick her finger when she wakes up, take insulin after breakfast, lunch, dinner, then when she is about to go to bed, take a big insulin dose. I feel so bad and worried for her. She's only 6 years old! I can't believe my little sister has diabetes. I can't wait to see her tomorrow. I am freaking out;( Can someone help calm me down!? And is this type 1 or type 2 diabetes?


Type 1 diabetes is the one where the person has to take insulin to cover all the carbohydrates they eat or drink.

Settle down friend!! I do this too and so do a lot of other people on here who will answer your question. It is NOT the end of the world for your sister. She will be fine once they get her on insulin therapy and she is able to eat foods again.

She will not only be checking her glucose level first thing in the morning, but before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner, and before bed. And she will get a bedtime snack of some sort too.

No, she won't take a BIG insulin dose at bedtime, just whatever is needed to get through the night. That is all any of us take.

You can help by learning as much as you can about diabetes. Read this site and reread it a couple of times until you realize that this is the life of half the people in the USA!!

I take my mealtime insulin before I eat, but I am a grandma and count grams of carb and eat what I put on my plate so I know how much insulin I will need.

Eventually they will get your sister an insulin pump which is much easier to deal with than the syringes or pens. Easier to carry around with you and no excuses for forgetting it.

Since she is in the hospital she won't go into shock or coma. The nurses are watching her very very closely. Shock is too much insulin and coma is not enough. As long as she is there they will be working to find the proper dose of insulin for her to take to be normal.

If you saw me in a restaurant, you would not realize I check my glucose, prick my finger, and inject insulin unless you were paying really close attention. Most of my friends don't even pay that much attention. My daughters do, but they are always afraid something will happen to their mom!! And they bug the heck out of me, minding my medications and foods! But they will make sure I get food every 3 hours or so.

Sounds like Type I or insulin dependant.
It does take getting used to but as chronic diseases go ,it's not so bad.
The glucose test should be done before every meal, go to the Dr with sister and learn as much as you can to help take care of her, Too much insulin drops her glucose suddenly which affects her thinking and reflexes, it makes me stupid.

I am so so sorry. Diabetes Type 1 is generally worse than type 2, so I'm guessing this is type 1 because it sounds pretty severe. Diabetes is not a death sentence anymore, because of the insulin medication, your sister should live a fairly long life, but she will have to keep taking insulin.

this is type 1 but don't worry she is in the best place to help her come to terms with it, you will worry that's natural and i am sure once you see her again it will help put your mind at rest, the doctors and diabetic team will teach your sister and your family all about it so you know what to look out for to help support her ask your parents if you can go visit otherwise just be there when she arrives home i bet she cant wait to see you too . hope she gets better soon

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