Can I use vaseline on my cracked feet?!

Question: Can I use vaseline on my cracked feet?
The back of my heels are so dry they are cracked. I have this one crack that looks like a cut cause there is some blood there. It's painful to walk! Could I use Vaseline on it even if it looks like an open cut. ? It is a crack in my heel.


I use petroleum jelly on my feet on the time and it's wonderful. Petroleum jelly is actually a perfect cover for cuts and things of that sort because it protects them and also because many are enriched with vitamin E which aids in the healing of skin. :)

I have smooth feet not because of an expensive product, but because of the dollar store petroleum jelly that I buy :P.

You should put the vaseline on your feet before you go to bed and put socks on then so the vaseline can soak in. Keep doing it every night and your feet should be smooth in no time!

I've done it myself and it works!

I guess you can, Vaseline is for dry skin as well. Hope your heel gets better...

yeah it really works


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