should i go to school with pinkeye?!

Question: Should i go to school with pinkeye?
it has discharge


No, it is extremely contagious. Stay home or go to the doctor. Use over the counter medicated eye drops or get a prescription for stronger ones.

absolutely not. if you,re sure that,s what it is; you need to stay home until symptoms clear. i hope you,re on antibiotics. it is very contagious.

my wife had it. missed two days of work.

Are you getting it treated?

Lets use a little commonsense here, what do you think your reaction would be to someone contagious showing up at school sitting right next to you?

Definitely not as it is contagious and people will be grossed out too lols. You should get some medicine from your dr. Hope this helps.

studying to be a nurse.

no. of course not. its gross and then other people will be mad at u for giving them pinkeye.


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