what is the treatment of liver damage?!

Question: What is the treatment of liver damage?

The liver is known as the seat of the soul in ancient medicines. its treatment has to be done at physical , mental and emotional level.
At physical level , you should stop oily , deep fried , refined , preserved foods. increase fruits and specially green leafy vegetables, spinach, artichokes, wheat grass etc. sleep well and early ( a great healing depends on this ). never eat heavy meals for dinner , because after around 3 pm the liver slows down.
Always avoid feelings of anger. increase forgiveness and kindness in you. liver likes kindness. The mind should be free from feelings of anger and stress because it has straight impact on liver. if we cannot control this aspect the eating all the good foods may not be that beneficial.
liver damage can be reversed in early stages.

Well there is a lot of different treatments for the liver but the best is your body b/c the liver is the only organ in your body that can repair its self over time

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