can diabetics drink Milk?!

Question: Can diabetics drink Milk?
like after a workout or something


Some people say that milk does not contain sugar for diabetics to drink, this view is wrong. Milk sugar content is low, there are a lot of water, rich in trace elements, proteins and vitamins, the right amount of fat per 100 grams of milk with the same amount of calories contained in the same apple, so that patients with diabetes can drink milk. Diabetic patients with multiple calcium deficiency, calcium deficiency, especially among older patients with severe diabetes, likely to cause osteoporosis, milk is rich in calcium, the body easily absorbed. Drink 100ml-200ml of milk a day, a lot of calcium added significance, because of their low sugar content, have little effect on blood sugar.
When drinking, non-commercial milk sugar, specifically for the production of sugar-free milk with diabetes can drink. 100 grams of milk per cow higher than the same amount of calories, the staple food of calories, so daily consumption should not be too much, and consider reducing the amount of staple food.

Yes a diabetic can drink milk. It needs to be low fat, as whole milk has a large amount of glucose and lactose in it, which the body breaks down like a sugar. My son is diabetic and he drinks 1%. It's like anything else, drink in moderation, and watch what the glucose, fructose, lactose, and other sugars content it.

Sure you can, but you have to consider that milk contains milksugar, so you have to take that into your calculation

yes, but i drink high in calcium but low in fat milk.

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