Am I going to be okay?!

Question: Am I going to be okay?
I posted about a day ago about my stupid mistake piercing my septum with a safety pin, and then putting in a ring that was from the local dollar store. You don't need to tell me. Yes, I admit it was stupid and I am indeed a moron. Shouldn't have done it. MOVING ON.

I went to a local tattoo parlor yesterday, the man there said I'd pierced it too far up and that I had a high risk of infection even though it didn't look infected. I let him remove it and throw it away so that it could grow in. In a couple weeks he told me I could go back there and he'd pierce it for me the right way.

ANYWAYS, the problem is,since 10 hours after I pierced it I've been sick. Rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and overall just weakness. I do have anemia, so I've had these symptoms before which makes me wonder if it's related to the piercing. I developed a fever last night but it didn't go past 99.6 and is completely gone now. I've been taking vitamins and drinking water and disinfecting the hole where the septum was and I plan to each day. Could this just be my nerves or do I have blood poisoning or something? The man at the tattoo parlor said there's a very low risk and I shouldn't worry now that it's out and being taken care of. Plus there was barely any infection when he took it out. I can't help but still feel this way and I'm seriously scared.

Before you say go to the emergency room/doctor, mom won't take me. I'm 15 and she thinks I'm lying to her because I've missed school today and yesterday and thinks it's to get out of a test, which is ridiculous because it's not.

Help, please? Thanks :(


Your mums a *****.

Your symptoms sound more like panic and anxiety to me.

But, why not phone NHS DIrect for some advice? It's free and confidential - 0845 4647.

could be a Staph Infection.

you need antibiotics.

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