One illness after another and one infection after another constantly for just ov!

Question: One illness after another and one infection after another constantly for just over 2 months now.?????????
ok so for over about 2 months now iv been constantly ill...iv had chest infections,ear infections,eye infections,iv had the flu again and again and cold and caughs,viruses,tummy bugs..the lot! seemd at first that i was just getting over one illness and then another would get hold of me....and inbetween iv had chest infectins and so on......iv resantly been to see my dentist because i was in s much pain....he diagnosed 2 large abcesses in my gums,its seriously one thing after also drained and always tired and now im rundown with it all because im constantly ill iv recently just caught YET ANOTHER cold with a cough and everything that goes with it to make you feel ill.....just sick of being ill now....its all made me a little enimic also...loads of things have stemed from me being constantly ill......what should i do? it anything to worry over....? thanx xx


Sounds like you've been under a lot of stress. That can affect the immune system. Did something major happen in your life, in the last six months to a year? I know many people who got sick like this during the first year or two after a major change in their life. Such as moving to another city. Getting married. Or divorced. The death of a loved one. These things can cause a person to be sick for several months, with the weirdest conditions.

Having said all that, it has been a very rough winter for a lot of people this year. Don't know why. One thing after another. And btw, I'm not a doctor. But you might want to find a therapist or counselor to help sort out all of this. Or maybe a good nutritionist who can help you boost your immune system. Good luck!

life experience, there's a counselor in my family

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