How safe is Cunnilingus actually?!

Question: How safe is Cunnilingus actually?
i watch the reality show Cathouse, which is set in a brothel. the prostitutes have female clients come in and they always give the female clients oral sex. i dont see dental dams being used. how safe is cunnilingus, is it impossible to get a disease from doing it? I ask because i know that the prostitutes that work in brothels have to be totally free from std's, so i think that they must know what they're doing, but then again i had to ask....


HIV: There has never been a recorded case of someone contracting HIV solely from performing cunnilingus.

GONORRHEA: Very rarely transmitted through cunnilingus, because the infected region is usually deep near the cervix, not near the surface, where a tongue can reach.

CHLAMYDIA: Same as gonorrhea.

SYPHILIS: Unlikely, but it is possible to transmit, as it tends to affect the surface. This is a rarer illness in Western countries because antibiotics are effective against it. Women are less likely to be carrying this illness than men - particularly men who have sex with men, who tend to be the most affected. Look out for chancres and rashes, and avoid if you see them.

HEPATITIS: Unlikely. You can be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, and Hep C is only transmitted through blood-to-blood contact.

HERPES: Possible, but most risk is during a flare-up/outbreak. Again, look out for cold sores around the mouth, or red sores around the vulva - avoid if you see those signs. Herpes, is a pretty manageable illness and while annoying during outbreaks, it doesn't affect most people's health beyond that. In rare cases, it can cause more serious complications during pregnancy.

HPV: Possible. HPV is the most frequently transmitted STD in the world because it is very contagious. It can even be transmitted through normal, regular kissing of the mouth.

Lots of people already have HPV without knowing, because it doesn't always lead to physical symptoms. Most cases of HPV are eliminated by the body naturally. However, for the unfortunate, it can lead to cancers, particularly cervical and oral cancers. Some variants can lead to warts, so definitely avoid contact with people who have those.

Thankfully, recent HPV vaccines called Gardasil/Cervarix will increase your protection against contracting some of the worst variants of HPV. Speak to your doctor about that.

OVERALL: Most doctors consider cunnilingus a very low risk sexual activity, but quite a few still suggest dental dams, mainly to avoid liability.

You're extremely unlikely to contract the most dangerous STDs through cunnilingus. HPV is the biggest worry, but as already stated, you can even contract HPV through open-mouthed kissing, so it depends how careful you wish to be.

In order to increase your safety, avoid performing it if you have cuts or open sores in your mouth, or if the woman has warts, rashes, etc around or inside her vulva.

STD's know nothing about gender. Females can give it to females, Males to males, Females to Males.

You see them do it, they are taking a chance.

Old enough to know

Cunnilingus has the same risk of passing along disease as fellatio does. So no it is not impossible to get a disease from doing it. Perhaps the brothel screens all their prospective clients.

its not COMPLETELY safe, but it carries less risk than fellatio. as a general rule

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