What medical condition do I have?!

Question: What medical condition do I have?
Urgent help needed here...

I have been to the doctor/psychologist and they say I am perfectly healthy which just kills me because I am in their office staring death in the face! I seriously don't know what to do because it seems like the advice today is to go on some antidepressants whenever there is a problem and not to find the underlying cause. I am not going to go back to the doctor, though, because they are more like robots who react to the test results rather than proactively try to fix the problem. If somebody knowledgeable could take a stab at what could possibly be causing me so much pain and suffering here are my symptoms:

-Extreme fatigue
-Blurry vision. Especially in my left eye, which has been there for over a year, and causing me a lot of concern.
-Floaters in my eyes.
-Lack of sweat and tears
-Extremely sensitive to sunlight (can't even go out in sunglasses)
-Muscle atrophy
-Receding gums (and from what I can tell, lost tooth enamel)
-Restless, antisocial, and unmotivated

Unless I have some type of weird psychological disorder, my guess ranges from dehydration to kwashiorkor to diabetes type I. I wouldn't be complaining unless I really thought it was something...and the extreme sensitivity to sunlight and blurry vision and fatigue have turned me into an old man when this should be the most active time of my life. So please help.


There are probably dozens of possible reasons for these symptoms, but if i had to guess at at single cause, it would be a malabsorption problem in your gastrointestinal tract that is robbing you of vitamins or other things you need. A vitamin D deficiency or a deficiency in iron or some other mineral are among the possible causes. This could be confirmed or ruled out with a suite of blood tests focused on malabsorption problems.

i would demand the doctors to run a bunch of tests and do some blood work.. for some reason when i read this i thought about MS so have ur doctor also check for that...

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