What causes gestasional diebetes?!

Question: What causes gestasional diebetes?

Pregnancy is a stress on your body. It goes through amazing transformations in those 9 months. It goes through amazing stresses that we seem to handle pretty well with no thoughts, problems, or concerns. However, stresses cause the body to react and compensate. Bodies of women react differently to pregnancy depending on her overall health going in to the pregnancy. A nurse once told me, never worry too much about the baby, they are perfect little parasites :), meaning they will take from your body exactly what they need during gestational development. All you have to do is keep replenishing what they are taking from you as they grow within which is why doctors always get you on prenatal vitamins asap. Cravings are an indicator of this :). If you are craving something, the baby has depleted you of something and your body goes into a state of "I MUST HAVE THIS FOOD!" to keep functioning. Something has upset your body's ability to balance and compensate during the pregnancy. For some reason the pancreas is experiencing stress and not working optimally during this state of pregnancy. The pancreas creates insulin in the perfect amount when your body digests food and moves sugar molecules into your bloodstream. The insulin moves the sugar molecules from the bloodstream into your blood cells to energize them, keep them alive, feed them. Usually the diabetes goes away once your body heals and balances after the baby is born, hence the term "gestational diabetes". However, doctors tend to believe having had gestational diabetes is an indicator that you may develop regular diabetes later in life. You may have a genetic weakness in your family genes towards diabetes that made itself apparent during the tremendous stress of being pregnant.

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