if i go to hospital with my eczema..... :/?!

Question: If i go to hospital with my eczema..... :/?
my eczema has been really bad for about 2months and i know that if it carrys on i will most probably be admited to hospital...i just want to know what its like? and im a very private person so will they have to put the creams ect in my private area's?

no silly answers thanks J


With respect to ‘JB,' formerly_bob and ‘Chocoholic,’ your doctor may have suggested hospitalization simply because it may be necessary to break the cycle of chronic inflammation, or other problems that are exacerbating the illness. Frequently, five or six days of vigorous in-hospital treatment care can result in a dramatic clearing of the eczema. Food tests, allergy skin testing, and the development of an outpatient therapy plan can all be done during the hospitalization. [I note that this question originated in the UK and insurance would not be a question there, but unfortunately, if you reside in the USA, getting approval from insurers is often difficult]. During an acute flare-up the number of 15-20 minute baths must be increased to three or four per day. Besides hydrating the skin, baths also increase the penetration of topical medication up to ten-fold if the medicine is applied immediately after the bath. Wet wraps after baths may also help hydration and medicinal penetration. Bedtime wet wraps are most practical, and can be done with elasticized gauze followed by ace bandages or double pyjamas. (The first pair of pyjamas is worn damp but not soaking wet, and a second pair of dry pyjamas is worn over them. For a tighter fit, sometimes a plastic sauna suit is used instead of the dry pyjamas.) For feet and hands, socks can be used. Additional blankets or increased room heat may be necessary during this three to seven days to prevent chilling. Regarding you question referencing the areas that medications would be applied, they will be applied to the areas that your eczema is affecting. If it is on your arm, you will have medication on that arm. If your genital area is affected, you will have medication on your genital area. If you are concerned about people other than the medical staff seeing you, you would normally have a screen around the bed or around you – depending upon where you are treated, either on your bed or in a treatment room. Gone are the days when privacy was ignored. If you are to be admitted to hospital, speak about it with your doctor, and you will find reassurance.


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As a rule, people are not admitted to a hospital for eczema unless it is causing secondary skin infections. There are no treatments for eczema that require hospitalization - all treatments can be done at home. If you ended up in a hospital, it would be a waste of time for medical staff to apply creams to areas you can reach yourself. Rather than waiting until things get worse, why not see a doctor now?

Do you have any creams or ointments from your gp? If so are you using them as directed? If they are not working you need to go back and get something stronger. There shouldn't really be any need to go to hospital as long as you see your doctor soon and get some proper treatment

Have had eczema all my life

Well idk about eczema, but whenever I got hives for the first time I had to get two shots in the butt, lol. But its all good now everytime I start getting hives again I. Take my medicine and I'm fine. (:

And don't worry about it, they see private parts everyday. Its not going to matter, and you most likely won't ever see that person again..so its no big deal realy.

(: <3

I have never heard of anyone being hospitalized for eczema. You need to go to your family doctor and get the correct medications to treat this and you keep going back to your doctor so he/she can monitor your progress.

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