Easy 10 points to tell me my sickness?!

Question: Easy 10 points to tell me my sickness?
Hi,it has been almost a week since I have been sick and I am going to tell you all my symptoms. Sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose, headaches at times, stomach pain(like I'm gonna throw up). I'm a man so I'm not pregnant. NO fever, NO diarrhea. Whats my sickness? What should I do? How can I get rid of this?


It is a virus. Lots of people have had it because it is going around. Go see a doctor and ask them to look in your ears and see if you have fluid in them. Drink lots of fluid, preferably water or cranberry juice without sugar in it. It helps the sore throat and to clean out your system. Rest.

Your symptoms could be anything from common cold passing with typhoid till HIV infection. These symptoms are common in so many infectious diseases. In medicine we call them non-specific-symptoms.

You will never know unless you visit your doctor and give him/her a blood sample. I hope you do soon before whatever you have gets worse.

Best of luck,


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If it is more than 10-14 days, I would see a dr.. Sounds like a virus to me...

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