Is there really radioactive milk?!

Question: Is there really radioactive milk?
Is there really radioactive milk on the west coast, or is it just a media hoax?


Most things are radioactive. They're just not very radioactive.

This constant baseline radioactivity is called "Background radiation"

Apparently there are detectable levels of Iodine 131 in milk in the Pacific Northwest of North America, but it's not significantly above the background level in terms of health effects.

I don't even know how levels that low are detected, probably via mass spectrometry, or methods similar to those used in radiocarbon dating of fossils.

At the levels being reported you probably wouldn't be able to detect the difference using a geiger counter and a gallon of milk even if you accumulated data for a week or more.

Drinking milk on the Pacific Coast is still much safer than riding in a car, unless you are violently allergic to milk.… News Report about Iodine 131 in Washington State that is likely to be true.… Background Radiation.

[After Note:… apparently I-131 in milk can be measured by concentrating the iodine using chemical methods, then counting beta particle emission and using gamma ray spectroscopy to measure the amount of radioactivity in the iodine sample.]

yes but no harm what so ever

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