I'm always thirsty, is this normal?!

Question: I'm always thirsty, is this normal?
I chug about 5 water bottles a day, and usually I chug about two in 5 minutes and I have to stop because my stomach starts hurting but i'm still thirsty/:


Your right that you are very young to have developed diabetes from your lifestyle and eating... but Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile) can take into the teenage years to develop. You very well may not have it, but don't close your mind to the possibility to it either.

Along with feeling thirsty and peeing very often... do you also feel hungry often? Have dry skin? Have blurry vision? Feel fatigued?

Even if you don't have any of those other symptoms... go get checked out.

No, that's not normal. It could by a psychological issue or a body-signalling-the-brain issue, but for most people it's diabetes. One type seems to be influenced by diet...and the other one just happens.

Fortunately, it's treatable.

Get to the doctor ASAP and get checked. 5 water bottles a day is normal, IMHO. If you talk a lot, you'll go through about that much. I teach, and that's about what I drink in a normal 9-hour day of teaching. But to be chugging it like that and craving the water enough that a simple gulp or two isn't taking care of it?

Your body has some sort of problem going on. Time to head to the doctor. They'll have you pee in a cup (oh, joy) and draw a little blood (big whoop.) and can tell pretty quickly whether you have diabetes.

DO NOT ignore diabetes. You'll end up with a kidney transplant and blind by the time SERIOUS symptoms show up. Head in now, have the doc give you a checkover.

Drinking a lot or being real thirsty is a sign of diabetes. 15 year olds can get juvenile diabetes as well as type two. Eating sugar doesn't give you diabetes.

its not a good sine

i have type 2 diabetes

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