Blood during bowel movement?!

Question: Blood during bowel movement?
This is kind of embarrassing, so I want mature answers ... -_- . Im 15 & whenever I poo, theres dripping blood coming from my anus. At first , it started out as light blood, but more recently theres been more of it & its darker. It kind of hurts when I poo, also, when I sit down after using the bathroom, I can kinda feel the spot of where it hurts on my anus , so im thinkin its a cut or something.. Idk ,


It could be as minor as an inflamed hemorrhoid to a polyp to a tear from straining when pooping to cancer to a bowel disease.

One streak of blood in a stool is nothing to worry about if it happens once. If you are actually dripping blood, you have to see a doctor. Yes, it's embarrassing. Yes, it's uncomfortable. But part of being an adult is manning up and doing what you have to do, rather than hiding from it like a kid.

So tell your mom you are having issues and you think it's hemmorhoids. Go into details if you are comfortable with that, and if not, don't. But do insist that she make a doctor's appt for you. If you feel more comfortable with a female doctor in this situation, be sure to ask at the office-they will understand!

Get it treated before it either gets infected or you get anemic. Both would be pretty horrible. And what if your butt stains red at school? A private inspection by a female doctor in a closed room is a LOT less embarrassing than everyone teasing you about a bleeding butthole.

So, this isn't something you can ignore. Even the most mild possibility, a little tear from straining, can give you blood poisoning. You HAVE to go to the doctor. Man up, tell your mom or dad to make the appointment, and head on it.

It is definitely important to get any bleeding from the back end checked out so you do need to see a doctor. Don't be embarrassed about it they see cases like yours every day.
The way you explain it sound like you possibly have a small tear usually caused after a bout of straining from constipation but after every bowel movement the tear re opens causing more bleeding. There are things that can be done to help this so don't delay and see a doctor.

well I think you need to go to a Doctor. My sister has colitis and that is one of the signs of it. and if you have loos stools that is another sign . If you bleed a lot like that you can get organ problems Go to the Doctor right the way.

Rather than asking a question on a site with 99% immature people
Why dont you go to the EMERGENCY ROOM where they can surely help you with this problem.

Common F*cking Sense?


i have a better idea.. see a doctor could be a hemmroid or a polyp that's infected.... blood coming from anywhere is like SERIOUS?!!!

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