Can manually coughing make some damage done from second hand smoke go away?!

Question: Can manually coughing make some damage done from second hand smoke go away?
I ask because I don't smoke but my entire family does, and often does it around me.

I hate cigarettes and I care about my health a lot, and I make myself cough whenever I smell cigarettes. Is this a good thing? Does it make the damage from the inhaled puff go away? Or only when you involuntarily cough?


Stay hydrated and take either and spirin or garlic tablet every day-once a day but not both as they both thin your blood. Drink raspberry tea with fresh lemon juice every other day and obtain a low dose of zinc tablets (5-15mg) and somethign called N-Acetyl-Cysteine from finer health food stores. Take all this together and it should act as an expectorant (cough-strong but very briefly) which will fine tune or deep clean your lungs. Don't believe all the hype about smoke. It is unpleasant but eat a good diet and avoid it as much as possible and yearn for that day that you leave these people behind.

best wishes;

Great fish.

same herw man, other then i dnt cough i jst try not to take in any air cuz i fu*kin hate it and dnt want my healthy lungs black ad sh*t

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