Can this be a heart attack?!

Question: Can this be a heart attack?
Ok somethings i get like a sharp quick 1 sec pain near my chest and all i think of is grease clotting up my arteries but i dont know what it was exactly, what can this be? it was quick not that serious to me, i try to avoid lots of greasy bad foods but im vegetarian, i had 2 slices of cheese pizza before this but doubt it was it since i barely eat that


No, it's not a heart attack.. Heart attacks will cause shortness of breath, light-headedness, severe chest pain, and often pain in the upper left arm. I myself get chest pains.. stress can be a cause of such.. if you take any medications.. especially amphetamines, they can cause this.. gas buildup can cause chest pain, too. I wouldn't be concerned, it doesn't sound too serious.

if it was just a quick stabbing feeling, and didn't stay long, your probably fine. if you felt pressure on your chest, trouble breathing etc... get it checked out.

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