Itching everywhere ? what can this be?!

Question: Itching everywhere ? what can this be?
I don't have rashes, lesions, bumps, dryness, or anything like that. Just urged to itch. What could this be?


Could be an allergy. One time after drinking a glass of sorrel juice my skin started itching every friggin where and i was so out of it. Just itch itch itch then eventually lil bumps came up! Weird thing was, i was accustomed to drinking sorrel juice. The day after, I drank out of the same juice and I was fine. The body is complex...really complex. Its my belief that its an allergy. Try to pin point odd parts of your day that you think could be a contributing factor to your itching. If you dont figure that out and the itching continues, go to your doctor so he'll give you something you can take to stop the itch.

Sounds like an allergy, Once when working in a office and the air con was always on, One of the girls started itching and scratching. by the end of the week at least half a dozen girls including myself were all all itching and scratching. We ended up having some one in to clean the carpet tiles which seemed to do the trick.

You could have a word with the pharmacist their always on hand to offer good advice and advise on any creams or pills .

Or to advise to go to see the doctor ,Just take their advise they know what there doing.


chickenpox .?

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