I have a nightfall problem ??is it so dangerous??is it curable??which tyge of di!

Question: I have a nightfall problem ??is it so dangerous??is it curable??which tyge of disease it is??plz help and sugg?

NOT a problem at all. It's all in your attitude that you have towards it:-
Nightfall is a natural process where your excess or stocked semen is let out. Simply, it's like once the bottle is full it is thrown out. Often, during sleep at night, hence, called night fall. May be at regular intervals. But, depends if you have been thinking more about about sexual things or dreams or excited it could happen few times in a week. No problem even if it happens 2-3 times per week.
It could be a day-fall too!! instead of nightfall. Yes, if you were having a nap in the afternoon or early evening and been very excited /fantasizing, it may happen, but rare bec the sleep at night is the better ground where the body would stimulate or support action to evacuate the surplus semen stock in your body.

Forget medicne. why would you control by medicine one that is very natural.
Appropriate action you need instead of medicine:-
1.Have attitude that nothing wrong, so no need of medicne.
2.Before bed/sleeping read books that may not be sexual.
3.Go to bed with prayers thanking God.
4.Forget and don't worry about nightfall. (enjoy if it happens. dont keep thinking over it all day. It's natural,so forget about it. You just need to wash your pajamas ,thats all!!)
5.Follow step above 1,2,3,4, and the
step 5!!!
God has made all things for our good. As long as it does not hurt our own body and mind as well others, and as long as your good conscience says fine, go on enjoying the natural process.
So, when you get up after a nightfall, try feeling good and start liking whatever naturally happend the previous night!!

Nightfalls are nothing to worry about. It is absolutely normal. If it bothers you much make sure you masturbate before you go to sleep. If you can't do that, if you wake up finding your clothes wet make sure to get it washed. It cures on its own with age and time. It is NOT a disease.


It is not a problem. It is perfectly natural.

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