What illness do I have?!

Question: What illness do I have?
I feel horrible and I don't know what illness I have.
My symptoms are; congestion, serious headache (which I figured out it was fromt taking mucinexDM), my throat burns, my body can't figure out if I am hot or cold, It very hard to breath and when I do it hurts my heart, and a nasty cough.
Please help and if you know what I have please tell me what I should take to get ride of it. Thanks!


See a doctor right away. It sounds like you are fighting Pneumonia.

Personal Experience.

Sounds like you have a flu, but I guess most of us aren't doctors in here, so I'd suggest you go see one!

If it is the flu: just sit it out. Your body will recover from the flu by itself unless you have very low resistance. In case of high fever: ALWAYS go see a doctor!

Get Well soon!

The common cold or possibly a form of influenza.

a cold

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