How to fake sick/a fever?!

Question: How to fake sick/a fever?
I have 1 test I have to take tomorrow covering 3 chapters which I have to study for, a power point requiring at least 25 slides that is worth 250 points, and a 50 question, 75 point homework packet all due tomorrow. I couldn't do any of it earlier because I had to go to a funeral, a wedding, and a family party. YES I had to go to the party because my parents made me.
So I am asking you. How do I fake a fever or fake being sick?


Just say you're sick and act under the weather. Even if you were actually sick, you wouldn't look green from just having an upset stomach


use purple eyeshadow and put under your eyes, or just use a little black, and lie in the bed even after when your supposed to be awake, and when your mom comes and asks you why your not up, say my stomach hurts so bad.... and hold it, and move alot in your bed, and then if she says oh come on its nothing, get up and leaves, go to the bathroom, take a glass of water and put in your toilet to make that water sound, and go to your mom and say, mom i threw up, and try to look really tired and sick :)

Experience haha :)

You could just get off the internet and do the work; hopefully in the process you could learn a lesson about the consequences of procrastination.

being mature

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