im having a fever, muscle pains, red tounsils, headache, soar throat and ears. W!

Question: Im having a fever, muscle pains, red tounsils, headache, soar throat and ears. What should i do?
does anyone know a medicine i could get in the pharmacy? could my fever be infectious? is it mandatory for me to visit a doctor? please help!!! i feel so sick


You have the 2011 version of the flu. It is brutal this year. Take some pain reliever, drink lots of fluids, and get some rest. The flu is very contagious, so don't go to school or work. If you aren't better in a few days, call the doctor.

It sounds like the flu. The best thing you can do is take aspirin or Tylenol for the fever & aches, drink plenty of water & get lots of rest.
Yes, you are probably contagious till the fever breaks.

i dont want to reccomend the wrong meds, but advil should help a bit. your doctor will either prescribe you with a medication or tell you what you can get over the counter.

It sounds a lot like strep. I would go to the doctor to get a rapid strep test done.

you really need to go to the E.R. when i was sick like that i had pneumonia

wow your really sick but you can ask that question on yahoo answers, instead of seeing a doctor

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