it is a question about diabetes,having to do with testing?!

Question: It is a question about diabetes,having to do with testing?
okay so i have been recently diagnosed with diabetes i am 32 weeks pregnant,but i think that i have had diabetes for a while the reason being is because i looked up symptoms of diabetes that can occur over a period of time like i have eye floaters in my right eye i have weakness on the right side of my body which can be caused by nerve damage that diabetes often create in the body and i have ocular migraines which can be caused by eye floaters?but my question is can i ask for further diabetic testing to see if i had a pre- existing case of diabetes before this pregnancy?


I was going to say the dr could check your A1C, but not sure this would be appropriate since you DO have gestational diabetes and are 32wks. I would say def let the dr know your concerns and after the baby is born, the dr can evaluate this further by checking ur urine or A1C

I don't think those symptoms are diabetes-related.

Evidence of eye damage can be detected by means of a retinal screening which will show if there is any damage to the blood vessels.

You can ask for further blood tests but they would only show the state of your glucose metabolism now, not in the past.

In any case it doesn't actually matter if you had pre-existing diabetes anyway. If you did have it and there is any damage, the damage has been done. If you didn't have it, the fact that you have gestational means that you have a higher risk of getting it in the future.

U can always feel free to ask your doctors questions concerning your health but if it is just gestational diabetes which occur during pregnancy they should go away after you have the baby

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