Do I have HIV/aides? ?!

Question: Do I have HIV/aides? ?
I had sex about 8 weeks ago with a girl without a condom. That wad my first time having sex without one every other time I had one. Yesterday I was mad sick but today I feel alot better. I was paranoid that j have HIV because I never get sick. Do I have it?


oh god...someone in here may be infected.

I do not have significant knowledge/evidence to answer your question.
I can recommend you to several site for more information, but I doubt it will contain the answers to your problem.

My yahoo answer is go see a professional doctor. He/She can answer your questions with 99.9% certainty.

I will ask you to go through each situation...
Situation: You decided to take the HIV/ AID test

You found out that you have HIV. what will you do?
Oh no my life is going to end in roughly 10-20yrs
What should I do? Hmm.... God please help me.... What should I do?

{With a lot of thought you came up with several conclusions}
1) Go to therapy for more help
2) Enjoy your life while you can.
3) End your life.
4) Take Vengeance on that girl

Right now, you are still undecided. After several days you start to feel depressed. You begin to do things you have never done before. ......After months and years, everything starts to fade. You start to binge drink. You intake many drugs thinking that someday you may be cured. You still continue to live you life to it fullest. You continue to have sex with other people and you infect them as well. Every single day, you hear that doctor's voice.{ I'm sorry to inform you , but you are HIV-positive} . At the end of your life, you see only darkness and a very dim light. Near the dim light, a fading girl will appear.
You realize it was that girl who infected you.

Situation 2: f you found out that you don't have HIV. what will you do?
YESSSSSS. MY results are negative. I do not have HIV........{You are very Happy}.
[ In your mind] I will not do that again and I will always check the girl's panties before having sex.

Situation that will occur

1) You will continue to have unnecessary sex, leading back to the problem again.
{condoms/pills are not 100% protection against HIV or any other STD }

2) You have changed and begin to make better choices.

There is no way I or anybody else can answer that question for you.

The only way to know the answer to that is to get an HIV test at the appropriate time...which is 3 months past your last incident of unprotected sex.

Having unprotected sex with a person who's HIV status is unknown to you is never a wise idea. You can prevent all this worry in the future by remembering the motto, "no glove no love".

Good luck.

Only if she had HIV, and then the chances of contracting it go up. But it she doesn't, then you won't. You might've gotten sick from catching a cold or something.

It's unlikely, but if you're concerned, get tested.

There is a slight chance if the girl is HIV positive. The only way of finding out is to get tested.

The only true answer to this is if you get tested for HIV and/or Aids.

Go to the doctor

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