how to fade stubborn red acne marks?!

Question: How to fade stubborn red acne marks?
i have been off accutane for about 8 months now and my red marks and scarring on my cheeks has hardly faded at all. i know this is common for accutane users but whats confusing me is that my skin looks fine in the morning, my skin tone is dam near perfect but after about 12pm they go red do i go about keeping my skin normal toned?


Use bio oil.
It's not too pricey and does not break me out and I have acne prone skin.
I had extremely dark marks two weeks ago and they are now red and some pink. The first day I used it, it took all of the pink marks and dried out my pimples. it is amazing.
you can buy it anywhere.
and if you don't want to try that, you can go to a clinique counter and ask for something for acne scars.
I used their acne scar fading product (I forgot what it was called) and it worked after a month of using it.

You can try getting creams and stuff that help acne scars or go to a Dermatologist.

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