Question: PLEASE HELPPP ME!?!?!?
Last night at like 1:30am i puked up my dinner but my stomach feels better.. Im kind of scared to eat anything. Should i go to school or stay home?


You should probably stay home. First you might be contagious, nobody wants to catch a stomach virus. Also just for your own health and comfort, you should get some rest to recover better and you don't want to start throwing up again at school. Plus frequently stomach illnesses that cause vomiting also cause other problems like diarrhea- definitely not something you want to deal with at school right?
I would just stay at home. If you feel OK around lunch time or dinner then try eating something very bland like plain chicken and rice or applesauce. Also drink lots of water and maybe a bit of apple juice or gatorade if you have any.

LOL wow really? lol you are fine. Everyones stomach gets upset every once and a while. Just because you threw up doesn't mean you have a stomach virus or something. Just go to school, you will be fine. Unless you wake up and you still feel like crap, then stay home.

At times it so happens. just, take it easy until it is repeated.

go geet you an edjumacation guh

Go to school buddy, your fine and you can see your mates.

Go to school.

You are fine, go to school.

You're fine.

stay at home nd njoy/.....

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