what does the serum eliza spot 1 & 2 test mean?!

Question: What does the serum eliza spot 1 & 2 test mean?
i did my blood test and everything is normal,the main reason i did it is because i've been having dry mouth and white coating in my inner mouth for months now...in my report it says serum eliza spot 1 & 2 is negative i wanna know what this test is for?


HIV ELISA Test - Enzyme Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay
Purpose - Initial Screening

It is a serological test used for diagnosis or dosage of a virus.

ELISA are very sensitive tests which will give a YES/NO type of answer. Sensitive tests are usually less specific.

The basis behind an ELISA is a strong signal amplification and the possibility to be quantitative. If the first ELISA is negative, it is done again to confirm results and if it is negative again then the individual is typed seronegative. If the ELISA is positive, it can mean that the individual is seropositive or that the ELISA recognized some normal antibodies as anti-HIV antibodies (false-positive).

Serum tests. Traditional screening tests use a blood sample. About two dozen types of ELISA tests are in use around the world.

Urine tests. An ELISA test for detecting HIV in urine samples has been approved for use in the U.S.; however, its biggest drawback is that there is no approved confirmatory test for urine samples (in other words, if the urine ELISA results are positive, a blood sample must then be drawn for confirmatory testing).

Oral tests. OraSure (produced by SmithKline Beecham) is an HIV test that uses mucosal transudate as the sample. (Although some call this a saliva test, the sample is not saliva, but an oral sample called mucosal transudate.) The sample is collected by placing the special collection device between the cheek and gum. The specimen is then sent to a lab for ELISA testing. Positive ELISA results can be confirmed using the Western blot test. These tests are more expensive than blood tests. OraScreen, a similar test marketed for home use, is available in some countries, but it is not approved for use in the U.S.

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Look, if you're really concerned about it, ask the doctor who ordered the tests!

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