please help me heart problem D: ?!

Question: Please help me heart problem D: ?
SO some times i feel like i can't breath and it hurts like alot i feel something sharp in my heart
i can't go to the doc cuz i don't want my family to know i just wanna know whats wrong and im only 19 D:


definitely, you have to see a doctor. He is the only person now, that can help you with your health. ask the doctor that you don't want your parents to know (at least for now) about your visit. go to a cardiologist, a heart specialist. he might order tests on you, like EKG, 2D ECHOCARDIOGRAM, AND A POSSIBLE COMPLETE BLOOD CHEMISTRY. Hope everything turns out alright. good luck.

Only Way to diagnose cardiac problems is to listen for a murmur, echocardiogram for defects and testing like mri's & cardiac caths. Doctor is a must. At age 16+, legally you can tell the doctor not to disclose info to your parents.. Not even that you were in the office.

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