Can you get breast cancer at 13 before breast even fully develop?!

Question: Can you get breast cancer at 13 before breast even fully develop?
If one of your nipples seem to invert in a way that there is a sort of hole with a crusty white stuff around it? and the skin on the areola seems creased and wrinkled? I have started my periods but i don't even have breasts! It seems like some of the symptoms but i have no lumps, (although it goes red very easily if pressed) i am only 13 and i don't have any breasts! Should i be worried?
Is this normal!
;/ Please help!


If a 13 year old had breast cancer her case would make international news and be written up in medical journals worldwide. The chances are ZERO.

Stop reading about symptoms on the Internet - you can always convince yourself you have whatever it is you're reading about.

An inverted nipple can be a possible sign of breast cancer IN A WOMAN OLD ENOUGH FOR BREAST CANCER if it suddenly changes to become inverted. .

And none of the rest of the things you describe are breast cancer symptoms. Talk to your mother so that you can stop worrying.

Have had breast cancer and was classed as a 'younger woman' - because I was only 50, which is still quite young for breast cancer

Ugh that's disgusting. Go to the doctor insteado wasting your time on Yahoo Answers,assuming that we'll tell you everything this could mean is dumb.

if i were you i go to a doctor to make sure nothing is wrong but i think its normal since your'e still in the process of developing :)

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