Is there a disease for..? ?!

Question: Is there a disease for..? ?
Is there a disease Thats simular to Turrets but instead of profanity, the person randomly shouts out other words?


There are many disorders that involve speech and shouting out words. The symptoms differ and typically end in -lalia.

Coprolalia - is the obscenities often associated with Tourretes, although most people with Tourrettes do not shoult obscenities. Tourrettes is actually considered a tic disorder.

Echolalia - involves parroting or repeating what someone says

Glossolalia - speaking non-sensical syllables, similar to speaking in tongues of some religions

Palilalia - involuntary repetition of words or phrases

Schizophrenia can involve disordered speech as can brain injuries.

Aphasia can involve speaking the wrong words and may be confused with other problems.

Not everyone with Tourette's swears.


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