Is my niece going to be ok?!

Question: Is my niece going to be ok?
so last month on march 19th i accidently gave my niece eye drops she spit them out. and i was super scared i was wondering if she is ok because nothing happened no sickness, no throwing up or no diarrhea, does that mean she is fine and now it is april 12th



She is probably fine. Usually such things do not really affect unless the dosage is high. And the fact that she spat it out makes the chances even better. Also, common symptoms of poisoning (vomiting, diarrhea etc.) indicate something is wrong. But enough time has passed and you need not bother now.

Hope this relieves you! :-)

She's fine if she has not had any symptoms in just under a month.

How the hell did her eye spit them out

wow that's terrible

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