Should i tell my mom that i had unprotected sex? (please read)?!

Question: Should i tell my mom that i had unprotected sex? (please read)?
i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 4 times (about 2 months ago), but we broke up because he moved away.
i went to the doctor about a week and a half ago because ive been having irregular periods, nausea, and abdominal pain. i had an ultra sound done, and the doctor said that i had what looked like some kind of debris in my left fallopian tube and recommended that i see a gynecologist. my mom set up an appointment for one, and lately ive been having more and more abdominal pain on the left side.
i was doing some research, and i'm really afraid that this is what it might be:
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my mom still thinks that i'm a virgin, and obviously if this is whats wrong, she'll find out that im not. im really afraid to tell her cause im sure shed be upset and disappointed. so what im asking is should i tell her now? so she doesnt have to find out from a doctor? or should i just wait and hope that it's something else? im really afraid to tell her and i dont know what to do. :/


Your Doctor will not tell your mother under his own Hippocratic oath of confidentiality on such a sensitive subject. If you want you could keep the charades up long enough until your actually at the legal age of sexual consent. However I think your mother will understand no matter how angry she will be from the beginning as we all make mistakes even if you do not count this as one. Sit her down a responsible manner and explain to her what happened as she will be more concerned for your health rather than your loss of virginity!

Best to tell her before she finds out. You might still get in trouble, but at least you were honest upfront and this might reduce your sentence from a caning to being grounded.

Being that you are under age it may be permissible for the doctor to tell your mother, it might even be mandatory, its something worth considering because I'm not sure.

It would probably be better you tell your mom. I'm sure she is semi-prepared for the time when you have sex.

"Debris" sure is a strange diagnoses. A growth or a cyst is likely the case. For that reason you would tell your mom and get it out on the table. The more you stress about it the more likely the condition will get worse.

Do what YOU can to get over the "debris". Tell your mom, get more sleep, drink more pure water and avoid or cut back on carbs and sugars. It is very likely your "debris" is due to fungus or yeast and avoiding carbs and sugars can help your body eliminate the "debris" and reabsorb it. You may notice relief right away if you make these simple changes for a few weeks.

Hey, I can certainly understand, to a certain extent (telling your mom, that is). I once contracted an STD from having unprotected sex. I didn't know what it was, and wasn't sure what to do. As a last resort, I spoke to my mother, who asked me a number of questions (believe me, speaking as a guy, this was NOT an easy discussion for me), and then took me to a nearby clinic. Needless to say, I got the necessary treatment, and everything turned out ok.

I truly don't know the kind of relationship that you have with your mother, but from my experience I can say this: Your concern for your health should overshadow your reservations of having your mom know that you're having sex. Of course, she'll be upset that you're not a virgin, and to be sure, you're bound to get some type of lecture (after all, she is your mother). However, I think that she'd appreciate it that you felt you were able to come to her for advice and support, that you're in a sense giving her the opportunity to be there for you.

This won't be an easy thing to do; but I think that, in the end, it will be the lesser of two evils, telling her and trusting that she'll be the mother that you need right now, or not telling her and alienating her further in your life. Ultimately, it's up to you.

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