Anything preventative after HPV exposure?!

Question: Anything preventative after HPV exposure?
I was exposed to HPV last month. He did not have an outbreak at the time and we had unprotected sex for a few minutes untill I came to my senses and condoms dont prevent it anyway. He now has an outbreak, got checked and just told me its HPV. Would it do any good to get the vaccine? Im a 29yr old female and ive read its only good for girls under 26. Is there anything preventative I can do?


There's not really much you can do. HPV is spread by skin to skin contact. Even if you are sleeping with him with a condom, there is a pretty high chance that you will contract HPV. People are still contagious when they are not showing symptoms. I had the HPV vaccine and I managed to get it through a condom. The vaccine won't protect you against strains you've already been exposed to either. On the positive side, there really are no negative health risks associated with the type of HPV which gives you warts. In fact, about 30% of people exposed to HPV never experience symptoms at all. Mine didn't appear for months-years after I first contracted it. Even if you do develop warts, you can simply have them removed.

Really, its no worse than a wart on your foot or hand. Yes its a little embarrassing, but relatively harmless.

Well stacy sucks for you...How about you take this as a lesson and have sex with people who aren't positive for anything, outbreak or not. There plenty of riskless penises.

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