Oral Sex & HIV? Please help!?!

Question: Oral Sex & HIV? Please help!?
I'm gay and in January, I had unprotected oral sex with a guy born in Kenya but he lived in the UK. He put his saliva on my penis. I gave him oral sex but no pre-*** or any of his bodily fluids entered my mouth. I gave him anal sex WITH a condom. We also had open mouth kisses. 2 weeks after, I went to get tested for STDs and everything came back negative however, the doctor asked me to come back to him after 3 months to get a blood test. I am going back in May. I'm really worried! I have no symptoms at all. I feel absolutely fine. Will I be ok?


Your likelihood of HIV is very low.

Oral sex is considered a low risk sex act for HIV transmission (generally considered at 0.1% transmission per incidence). Anal sex with a condom is also considered a low risk sex act for HIV (estimates for transmission vary among agencies, but all agree it is low risk).

It's a good choice to not let him come in your mouth (which raises the likelihood for fluid-based STDs) and to use a condom for anal sex.

Good luck!

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You can catch HIV from receiving a BJ without a condom (just ask David Brednoy) but it is very rare.

It is much easier to catch various bacterial STDs (eg syphilis) or Hepatitis B in this way.

You can't catch it from kissing.

HIV is not transferred through saliva. If no fluids were transferred orally, then you should be fine. you said you used a condom for anal, so as long as there were no breaks, your still clear.

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