I have been exhausted for 5 yrs now, 31 yrs. old have been diagnosed w/Hashimoto!

Question: I have been exhausted for 5 yrs now, 31 yrs. old have been diagnosed w/Hashimoto's Disease?
Also, low level Vit D. I feel wk all the time and kind of dizzy feeling in the head w/lots of memory loss-also have been diagnosed with Gilbert's syndrom (high bilirubin-which they say is genetic...I don't think so) Have the presence of kidney stones and in the summer tan so dark that its just NOT normal (never has happened before) Doctors have done numerous tests and still everything is being blamed on my thyroid...I just need any suggestions anyone can give...I go back in in two wks for more tests but does this relate to anyone at all???


GeT your head on right girl stop with the nearodickness.
Been there done it. I'm margot too

dutness think heathy heat heathy posoti

I really hope this message gets to you, and you are open and receptive to understand what it takes to gain your health back.

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