Bird Flu any one worried - I AM !!!?!

Question: Bird Flu any one worried - I AM !!!?
Hi not wanting to harp on again about this but the fact is it seems we have forgotton about this threat because we have had summer etc and flu is never mentioned then, but it is still killing people recently in Indonnesia and they are even more worried that it is going to mutate to spread human to human just like in 1928 and kill millions as it did then (more than the world war one in fact), as it can now spread from birds to cats its a matter of time before it mutates and spreads human to human. (anyone who thinks this is media hype needs a wake up call - our government has some serious contingency plans as does everyone else) I am really worried about it and I know people say Oh who cares etc etc but seriously this threat is real and a lot of people would die and I just wondered what everyone else thought. Am I the only one genuinely really worried!!!???


i'm not worried.

i'm not worried.

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