When you hear a weight loss story, does it inspire you?!

Question: I saw a guy on 20/20 last night that lost 500 lbs.

Answers: I saw a guy on 20/20 last night that lost 500 lbs.

I think for some people it is an inspiration, but as for a person who has lost weight and then regained it, I have become cautious.

The first time I lose weight I was exercising every day for an hour (Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons and then doing some toning too). Unfortunately I got a tape that had some stretching excercises that used a ballet bar and I pulled a muscle in my back and was laid up for almost a month. Well, couldn't do the exercise and even though I was eating the same food, I gained back some of the weight. That was terribly depressing, so I just stopped all together.

Then I went to Curves. I went three to four times per week and even paid the extra big bucks to attend their dietary classes. I learned that carbohydrates were my problem. I was amember for 5 1/2 months. I did well and lost about 50 pounds. I was really happy. Then I moved and the city I moved to didn't have a curves. Even though I continued to eat low carbohydates, the weight came back. I walked, did some swimming etc, but the weight all came back with the exception of about 15 pounds. Again very depressing.

So while it is very inspirational to see someone lose the 500 pounds, and more power to him for doing it, I hope he can continue to keep it off. I still fight a daily battle and now with my heart condition I tire easily and connot excercise as I used to, so taking weight off has become a real battle now.

Sure it does. I would hope many would see his story and try to help themselves so they too could have a success story.

Yeah right... I don't believe people. I trust myself and only myself.

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