Can tea be included in your daily intake of water?!

Question: I am not much of a water drinker but would like to increase what I drink. Can tea be included with your water intake (I take with a drop of skimmed milk and no sugar). Also what is the recommended daily intake of water? Thanks

Answers: I am not much of a water drinker but would like to increase what I drink. Can tea be included with your water intake (I take with a drop of skimmed milk and no sugar). Also what is the recommended daily intake of water? Thanks

There has just been the results of a three year study released that as long as you are getting liquid in to yourdiet like through fruit and veg which is almost 90% water and then take pop, juice, tea and coffee into the equation then you are doing just fine. I was shocked when i first heard this and had to check it out but its definitly true.

green tea and water are good diet supplements

yes, of course.

recommendation is 2 litres or 8 glasses. Tea is a diuretic so shouldnt really be counted. I dont really go for all that water business myself.

Yes I think so...But drinking too much of it makes u nostalgic and addicted to makes ur complexion go dark.......& it makes ur responses BEWARE!!!!!!

8 to ten glasses a day and tea counts i heard before but I think they meant decaffinated tea like the chamomile and stuff since caffiene is said to dehydrate. thanks. I think I'll have some tea!

yeah, I think so.


Even fruits can. Anything that includes water will be included on your daily intake. Drink 6 glasses a day doesnt mean like actually litterally drinking 6 glasses of water a day it means thats how much you SHOULD have wether it would be in drinks, or even the food you eat.

green tea is good for you..however nothing can replace can be an addition..but definately not a substitute

nope. the closest thing you can get to water by drinking a flavored drink is crystal light, those lil 5 calorie things that you put in a water bottle. b/c tea has lots of sugar, carbs, and calories. and it just kinda defeats the purpose. cuz if that was the case, you would be able to drink soda or alcohol just because its MADE with water. you need something pure to hydrate your body and keep it running smoothly.

i think so, and i was told you should aim for 2litres of water a day

Daily recommendation for water is 8 glasses for women and 12 glasses for men. All I know that beverages containing caffeine and alcohol does not count!

Yes, that can be part of your daily intake on water. The recommended intake of water daily is 8 8 ounce glasses of water.

The recommended daily intake is about 3.5 pints.

Tea is not good for your body. It is high in caffeine, although not as bad as coffee.

Water acts like a cleanser and should be drank as is or with a little fruit juice (not too much as these generally contain sugar)

I hope this helps. :-)

Tea can be counted as part of your water intake, but only decaf tea. Caffeine helps dehydrate the body, so it works against the purpose of drinking water to hydrate oneself.

The average adult should have about 2 liters of water daily. Tea would be fine, as long as it was decaffeinated. Caffeine can increase the metabolism and cause your body to process water faster, which means you'd have to replace it sooner.

First you should take 4 glasses of water per day if you are indoors. If outdoors double that. If you are in the desert double that again.

Now for the tea. Tea, like coffee is a diruaretic, meaning it causes your kidneys to work harder and process waste faster. Thats why you have to go to the bathroom more often. So, the best bet is to enjoy your tea,but drink water also.

Your water intake can also be included in the things you eat too! A glass of milk would be included as a glass of water.

Yes as can coffee and the water in foodstuffs.

Tea is caffeinated and will act as a diuretic, ideally you should not drink any caffeine derived drinks, that includes decaff! Instead you should try fruit teas (leave the bag in for max. intensity of taste - and they are an acquired taste) or low calorie fruit squash or watered fruit juices. The current recommended daily intake is 2 litres. Just keep a water bottle by your elbow and sip as you work, you'll reach reach the total before you know - remember thirst is a late and poor indicator of dehydration.

Previous advice has been for each of us to drink up to 8 pints of water a day! My uncle read an article out to me just before Xmas saying that some recent research found that tea, coffee, juice, squash etc could all be counted as part of daily water intake - apparently it made no difference whether people drank plain water or other drinks. I think this article may have been from one of the tabloids though, so don't take as gospel! Personally I think it's down to common sense - if you feel healthy, have good skin, clear eyes, glossy hair etc then your liquid intake is probably fine. You could try different combinations of drinks and see what works best for you - herbal teas eliminate the caffeine present in 'normal' tea & coffee. Happy New Year.

yes it can be included, but green tea is better for you and recommended intake of fluid is 2 litres a day x.

Yes it can Wendy!

Tea is in essence, flavoured water. So yes.

You're supposed to drink 2 liters of fluid a day, and thats anything but alchohol.

Not drinking tea or coffee is a myth, while caffeine does act as a diaretic (spelling?... dehydrates you) its not in sufficient amounts in tea or coffee to have any real negative effect.

Sure, every liquid counts because its water. Juice, milk, every consumable liquid contains water.
Read that article:

Not really as it is a diuretic which makes you pee so really you should have your daily water intake as well as your tea. 8 glasses of water is the reccomended daily intake but obvioulsy it has to be a decent sized glass and also take in more if you are exersizing. You could try drinking herbal or fruit tea if you dont like plain water? I alternate normal tea and peppermint tea and I also keep a bottle of water on my desk (75cl) which drink during the day and top up once or twice.

You Betcha......

No, ordinary tea can't be included. It could be included in a FLUID intake chart if you were doing one. But if you're following the guideline of 8 glasses of water a day, it must be plain water.

But don't worry about it too much. Drink more water if you can, but I'd suggest you don't increase your tea intake deliberately, as it's a diuretic. Herbal tea would be a better substitute for fluids if you're concerned about it.

NO, if the tea has caffeine. Tea that contains caffeine is a diuretic and will dehydrate you.

The real formula for how much water to drink is:

Take your total body weight and divide by 2. Take that number and it is the number of ounces you need each day. If you drink tea, coffee, sodas, etc. that contain caffeine, you must take the total ounces of that drink and multiply by 1.5 and that is the water you need to add to the total to compensate for the dehydrated loss.

It takes 7.5 quarts of water in your body to digest just 1 quart of food each day. If your body doesn't have that amount of water in it, your body will not function as well because food will not get digested properly.

By the way, skim milk is really not good for you. Did you know that skim milk is blue when it is made? They add powdered milk to it to give you the mouth taste and to color it white. Do NOT drink pasteurized, homogenized milk. It is terrible for you. The pasteurization process destroys the fat cells and bacterial cells that are still in the milk and the calcium is altered due to the high heat. Homogenization crushes the dead bacterial cells and the fat cells leaving huge amounts of homocystines in the form of small chards that are absorbed into your body. These chards are foreign amino acids that your body doesn't recognize and it becomes toxic.

Go to: Read the FAQ's and learn about why cows that graze on grass and are free range produce the best milk, free of human pathogens and contain lots of digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria that actually nourish your body, unlike the pasteurized garbage.

Drink only high quality water, not fluoridated or tap water.

good luck

Yes, as long as you don't add milk or sugar. Yuk!

Certainly, all liquid content of fruit, drinks of any kind are valid as part of the required intake of water. Tea is fine. There is a lot of nonsense talked about water intake. Water is present in most foods and with the addition of tea, coffee, and other drinks, you will certainly have enough to deal with everyday wants. NOT alcohol though.

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