How much is 300 pounds in stone?!

Question: how much is 300 pounds in stone

(as in weight)

Answers: how much is 300 pounds in stone

(as in weight)

there are 14 pounds to a stone

so 300 pounds is 21 stone 6 pounds

21.4 stones

300 pounds = 21.4285714 stone



About 21.5 stone, heavy what ever way you look at it.

there is 14 pound to a stone. divide 300 by 14 and thats how many stone. 21.4 stone

14 pounds equal a stone, so 300 divided by 14 gives 21.43 stone.

well done spikylea, you came up with the right answer that was
ask for.

300 divided by 14 = 21 st = 294lbs plus 6lbs making 21st 6lbs

type-"weight converter" in google and its easy from there. thats what i do when i wanna check how fat i am.

i hope you give me best answer--hint hint


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