How can i get protein without eating meat?!

Question: I love eating meat..but am just not in the mood for it...i stopped eating meat for one gonna take a break for a can i get protein??

~thank you~

Answers: I love eating meat..but am just not in the mood for it...i stopped eating meat for one gonna take a break for a can i get protein??

~thank you~

Here are some foods:

Cottage cheese (if you like it) is relatively high in protein.

Soy bean foods, such as tofu, soy "burgers", soy "sausages", soy "ground beef", soy "chicken strips".

Each of these are foods that have been processed to look and taste like meat products, but have soy and other vegetables added, like mushrooms, kale, etc. Each taste rather good, but beware of sodium levels, especially the soy "sausage" and soy "hot dogs".

Eggs, naturally, are high in protein, but I am sure you know they are also high in cholesterol and fat.

IF you are allowing fish in your diet, I HIGHLY recommend Tilapia fish fillets. They don't have a "fishy" taste or smell, and soak up whatever you cook with them. I use a low fat butter alternative with garlic and lemon juice and pepper. Tastes great! Up to 24 g protein per fillet. That is high!

There are also some fruit/soy shakes and drinks. They taste great, and are high in protein, often 19-26g per 16 oz., depending on the brand. Wal-Mart carries a Tea/Fruit/Soy brand of protein drinks, which come in different flavors, like Vanilla and Mocha. The Vanilla tastes great, like ginger and vanilla. The mocha is even better, BUT both have about 24-29 g sugar per 16 oz. bottle. I drink a bit of water with the drinks to help digest and dilute the sugar a bit. That's just what I do for myself, don't know if that would help you or not.

Beans--most beans of any type are relatively high in protein. Kidney beans, refried beans, red beans; you name it, they have a lot of protein. Most are also high in fiber, which, as you know, is an added bonus. Again, watch out for sodium levels if the beans are canned. If possible, buy the beans packed in bags. Make your own chili with fresh ingredients, and mix them with rice. This will fill you up quick without eating a whole lot.

I am on a "lacto-vegetarian" method of eating, which allows for dairy products and eggs with veggies, fruits, nuts, grains, and beans. However, I did notice that for 2 days I was a bit low on energy, so I add fish and chicken breast once in awhile. I LOVE red meat, but I have cut it out for awhile. I am not 100% on a strictly lacto-vegetarian method, I do add some poultry and fish to make certain I have adequate protein. You will have to gauge for yourself what works best for you.

I am just giving you what has worked for me, and I did lose 11 pounds in a month and a half. Which is important for me due to my heart condition.

I am not espousing to be a vegetarian nor a vegan, and I even think both methods have too many draw backs. I just hae done what has worked for me. Sadly, you MIGHT spend a bit more money on food because you are seeking meat alternatives, but I guess that's the price you pay.

Good luck--

peanut butter, fish, Milk, Cheese Yogurt, Eggs, Beans

peanut butter and if u like it , tofu

Eggs, soy products...

indians get theirs from pulses, beans. soya is also v v good.

1- nuts
2- some grains
3- you can also try supplements: whey protein powder, Boost liquid (tastes much better than Ensure)

I am a vegetarian and get protein from the following foods:

Beans (canelloni)
Go Lean Kashi Crunch Cereal
Soy / Boca Burgers

Good Luck!

Fish is meat.

As has been said about nuts and beans and soy, all of which are good sources.

The following sites might be of some help to you. Also, search for "vegan protein sources",

Protein shakes!

They taste aweful though.

Congratulations for stopping eating meat! I hope you'll become a permanent vegetarian!!! In order to get enough protein, you should eat soy/tofu products, also beans and green vegetables in general.

egg whites, nuts, beans, yogurt, protein powders, protein bars, ezekiel flourless bread, peanut butter, and there are some protein pudding and protein oatmeal as well

milk and cheese

by the way cool avatar....

Lately, I've been feeling the same way too, I gave up eating chicken every night, and I substituted it with mixed frozen veggies which are reletivly inexpensive but I have the same problem regarding protein. The only things I've been able to figure out, without going vegan, is to eat more eggs.

I do eat Tuna everyday for lunch, because it's cheap and nutrious.

If Tuna and Eggs arn't your bag, like some of the other posters on here have mentioned, beans and assorted nuts are great for protein, the only problem with nuts are, are the high caloric count. Not to mention the fat content of nuts in general is rather high, even in raw form I have a hard time just limiting myself to just one handful.

Don't get me wrong, being vegan or vegitarian is noble and I wish I could do that, but due to my body structure it would be easier to go vegetarian than vegan.

Beans and rice = a protein

mushrooms, Full Of Protein Exactly like Meat

Beans. I remember hearing that they have a lot of protein. Or eggs, maybe.

Eggs, Peanut Butter, Yogurt, Milk, any other dairy product and legume (aka Beans)

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