How can I make myself less hungry all the time?!

Question: Also how can I get rid of the fat on my torso?

Answers: Also how can I get rid of the fat on my torso?

I'd say to cut down on hunger, eat foods with more fiber in them, like fruits and veggies (frozen veggies are really easy to prepare-just add a salad dressing), and also stick to complex carbohydrates (i.e. beans, steel-cut oats, almonds) rather than simple carbohydrates (most cereals and white breads). A lot of people when they're dieting eat mostly 'low calorie' foods, but if you think about it it's ineffective if you never feel satisfied-you'll just eat more! I personally find chickpeas and almonds to be super-filling, even if they're higher calorie than some simple carb diet bread.
The way to get rid of the fat on your torso is to do cardio (preferably with strength training) in conjunction with diet. It is impossible to only lose fat from one place. you could tone it with sit-ups, but there would still be fat over top. So do cardio (most effective before breakfast) every other day for 30 mins.
Good luck!

I am totally thinkin the same... I eat, and rigth after starving! it is really werid..
I think just build your meals around mainly fiber to keep you fuller longer, and protein!

you can be less hungry by drinking alot of water.

Exercise does not target certain areas - no matter what they say!

Cardio (running,walking,swimming) are your best bets.

You may want to look into a medical reason you could feel that way such as an ulcer

you can stop thinking in food and concentrating in other things

same with me... its the main reason why i have a bit of a stomache.... otherwise, i would be right fit

Eating slower (small bites) and drinking water has always helped for me

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